Feb 2014 18

Hey Tony,
Reading your new book, your best work yet i might add, and i noticed u use egg protein in your morning shake! Any advantage over Whey or just personal preference?

Hey Darryl!

I used to use whey protein but it just doesn’t agree with me (if you know what I mean?), so I switched over to egg white protein. If you can handle the whey, go for it, if not try egg white or vegan protein powders. Good luck! -Tony

Feb 2014 13

Hey tony, i am 17 years old and I got p90x for Christmas and the workouts are great. The only thing I’m struggling with is eating right. I don’t know how many calories to eat to get the best results and I don’t have time to make the diet meals because of school . Some advice would be great. Thanks, jess

Jess – Congratulations on starting P90X! Diet is the trickiest piece of the puzzle. I would focus on calorie counting less, and the quality of your food more. This doesn’t mean that you can overeat healthy and nutritious meals, but it does mean that if you’re eating whole foods, you’ll satisfy your cravings, ultimately eat less, and fuel your body properly for your workouts. Fruits, vegetables, high fiber whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats must be the mainstay of your diet. And every once in a while, feel free to have the occasional comfort food. Be patient, it takes time.

Feb 2014 10

My son is a former Marine. He works out sometimes for 3hrs. His workout consists of drinking all these very expensive protein drinks, weight lifting, and treadmill workouts. I see he is very dedicated and have seen him slim down some yet I do not see the definition he’s looking for. He has a wedding to attend in June, a former Marine buddy’s daughter is getting married, And he really wants to get into shape. I’ve offered to get your program for him but he tells me not to waste my money because we don’t have all the equipment etc. etc. . I was wondering how one goes about getting selected for your test program. I would very much like to see him succeed in transforming his body the way he would like to see that happen. He takes good care of his Mom and siblings and would love to be able to help him anyway I can. Thank you very much.

Currently, there aren’t any test groups planned for any of my P90X programs – though when we do hold these groups, they are usually local here in Los Angeles. A test group is used as a way to develop a new program and they don’t typically occur after a program becomes available to the public. That said, my new P90X3 program, which only became available back in December, is a great new program consisting of 30 minute workouts. One of the best things about this program is how little equipment you actually need. In fact, all you really need is a few free weights or resistance bands and a pull up bar. If you don’t have a pull up bar, you can even complete modified versions of a pull up using a resistance band. I’m a big supporter of the military so please tell your son that I appreciate his service and wish him the best of luck.

Oct 2013 02

Michael Grinnell: Hey Tony. I read that you were vegan/vegetarian for a long time. Any tips? I’m thinking of goin all veg (except for wild game/fish).

Michael Grinnell!

Great question!

I was a vegan/vegetarian for over 15 years. I had two bad run-ins with chicken many moons ago so I made the switch for fear of getting sick again, more than anything else. I wasn’t a vegan or vegetarian in the true sense of the word. I was just a guy who stopped eating chicken, meat, game, fish and shell fish. I ate vegetarian Italian, Mexican and Indian food primarily and to be honest, way too many carbs, “healthy” cookies, crackers and chips. I should have been eating more salads and greens, but I wasn’t. I also cut out most alcohol at that time because I just didn’t enjoy it any more. This approach worked for a long time with only the occasional “cheat meal.”

About four years ago I met my girlfriend Shawna who was and still is an amazing cook. She ate a mostly plant based diet with organic free range chicken, wild fish and game. For the first year of our relationship I stuck to my wannabe vegan guns, but watching her eat that scrumptious chicken, wild fish, Bison and Buffalo stirred my desire to try it. After about a week, I was hooked. I still stay away from cow, shell fish and alcohol, but I eat more salads in a week now than I did in 4 months when I was V/V.

My recommendation these days is to count less calories and eat more “real” food. Whole organic (when you can) food. Look down at your plate and imagine if your great, great great parents would recognize what you see there. If the answer is yes then chances are it’s probably safe, healthy and whole food that will fuel the fire, help balance your weight and keep your body and brain going all day long.

Sep 2013 03

Sarah Howen: Hey Tony watched you on Dr. Oz. Does coffee count as a clean food? I need my coffee lol

“I’ve never been a coffee drinker. I don’t like to consume anything that makes me feel lousy when I quit consuming it. Oddly enough that never happens when I stop eating spinach for a while. I find it amazing that so many folks in this country and around the world need a quick pick-me-up through some sort of beverage, whether it be coffee, soda or energy drinks.

It says to me that a lot of people are stressed out, over worked and not getting enough sleep. Coffee can contribute to raising the stress hormone Cortisol in the adrenal glands. This can interfere with learning, memory, lower immune function, bone density, increased weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease. Stress, poor sleep and too much caffeine in your system all the time can also lead to depression, mental illness and lower life expectancy.

On the other hand, coffee can be part of a healthy diet for people who exercise often, manage their stress, sleep 7 1/2 to 8 hours a night and don’t drink more than two cups of coffee a day. If I were you, stop drinking coffee for 10 days and see how you feel. If there are no adverse effects then you’re probably fine and probably don’t need even coffee, except for the ritual and taste. But if you feel waisted by day 2 then that might be an indication that your system is relying on it to function in the world.

Kicking the coffee habit can be tough. I would use water and oxygen as alternative fuels. Drink water before you go to bed and right when you get up in the morning, and find the time and energy to exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes right out of bed. Nothing crazy. A little yoga or fast walk will do the trick.”

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